Yay!! im so excited!! mommy had bought me a harness, but it is WAY to big for me. she expected me to be bigger =D!! today i will be going to petsmart for the first time EVER!!! were gonna fit a harness that i can actually use. also, today at 3, i will be going to my first ever vet appointment. were gonna do a checkup since i came from the other side of the country!! mommy has no idea what kind of treats and toys to get me. wish us luck!!

•.¸ (•.¸♥.•´)¸.•´

¸.• (¸.•♥•.¸)•.¸


Coco said...

chew toys, LOTS of chew toys! My mommy will email you photos of what to get, or we can meet you at the pet store. Either way!

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