Fun Stuff!!

Hey everyone!!

i had my very first ever doggy playdate!!  it was with Coco yesterday (sunday).  ill add pictures later.  my camera is freaking out right now.  anyways, Tobi's blog was nominated in the Bloggers Choice Awards '09!!  feel free to vote for me by clicking on the button on the side bar or clicking here.  also,  i am going to my first obedience class on sunday at petsmart!  i have no idea what mommy is trying to get me to do by putting a treat infront of my face and not letting me have it.  ill add more later.  right now i gotta go.  bye!

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Hammer said...

Hi Tobi
I've added you to my blog as a mate. Mum thought she did this the other day but she didn't !! Anyway, I was checking to make certain the link worked and saw Beau's mission button on your side-bar. Thank you very much for doing this. This means a heap to my mum and my family and me. We cannot ever give up hope of seeing Beau again, and you are helping us a lot by doing this.
I'm sorry I can't blog until 2009 but I'll try to check on you when I can. Mum is trying to save our home right now so this is important for all of us.
Take good care of yourself and your mum and I'll check on you again as soon as I can.
Love from Hammer

♪Tobi♪ said...

Hi Hammer!!
for some reason, i cant open ur blog.... i dont know whats wrong!!