omg!!  i usually get a small plate of groundbeef, carrots, etc. every day.  today though, i got a treat after it.  i  got a little plate of ice cream!!  i even got some cranberries.  

well, before that, i had a very unpleasant expirience.  izzy was taking me around the block for a walk.  at the end i got so tired i collapsed on the floor and izzy carrried me home.  we went back out to get katarina (me in ma adorable juicy bag that was originally for izzy).  well, she was at a neighbors house and when we walked over, charlie was sitting infront of the house.  some how he had gotten out.  it wouldnt have been such a big dead, except that he is HUGE!!  he weight 70 LBS!!!  thats more than izzy weighs!!  well anyways,  he started towards us picking up speed.  when he was about 4 ft away from us, i panicked.  i plopped myself into the depths of the bag covering my head with my paws.  charlie tried to pounce, but izzy ran.  charlie gave up and stared at some little kid in a wagon.  i didn't come back out until izzy said he was gone.  *shudders*  i will NEVER talk to charlie ever again.  he scared the bejebies outa me!!!

another thing that happened today that also freaked me out.   izzy was on the computer checking her facebook when i wandered into the kitchen.  there was a GIANT THING in there.  it had 6 GIANT EYES!!  OMG!!  i started  screaming and barking crazy low until izzy came over with mommy.  they called the THING a jumbo pack of toilet paper rolls.  aparently, the big "eyes" were just the toilet paper rolls.  i still dont trust it though.  mommy realized how scared i was, so she put it just outside the door so that if the door ever opened, i would be too scared to go out.

if you are still reading and have come to these last words, i am proud of you.  tell ur peeps to give u a biscuit.  i will also blow a party whistle:


congrats.  i reward u with this party whistle and the biscuit ur people give u.  thnx for reading!!


calicolyst said...

You know, you are the *second* blogging dog I've seen so far. I was always under the impression that dogs were illiterate.