Hey everyone!!

i have been goin for walks for a while.  for the past few days, i have been goin out side, both goin as in walking and goin as in goin..............  anyways, mommy said that outside of my condo (playpen) is the house.  i cant pee or poo there.  outside the house is the outdoor where i can pee and poo.  CONFUSING!!!  i dont kno the difference.  i have been goin in the house and its drivin my family crazy.  oh well, were back to square one.  no more walks for a while................

oh, btw, my royal canin small indoor puppy 27 food wasnt workin.  i HATED it.  now im eatin Nutro's ultra puppy.  its not that good either.  i dont like the taste of dog food.  mommy puts a teaspoon of some hooman food called "canned food".  she says its for doggies but i dont believe her.  it tastes SOOOO good with the kibble.  its a mixture of chicken broth, chicken, salmon, peas, and a bunch of other good stuffs.  i have officially found a new dog food!!


Coco said...

you need to re-crate train like you did with the wee-wee pads, but instead of using the wee-wee pads, you take Tobi outisde. completely remove the wee-wee pads fro him.

Coco - The Princess