Working With The Snuggle Puggle

Hey Eveyone!!

the lovely eduardo has been offering doggie bloggies jobbies.  i havnt gotten around to it until now.  i love sleeping on big fluffy pillows, so that is what i will do.  tada!!  izzy while doing her hw, snapped some pics of me just a few minutes ago.  here i am sleeping.  its probably like the 40th pic!!

you see,  I really dont mind, but it can make you feel weird.  you know that feeling where you think someone is watching you?  well, im usually right on that one.  i slowly started opening my eyes like the dramatic something on you tube!!

oh izzy, ur so annoying!!  let me work in peace!!

OH!! quick edit here.  u see the koala in the background?  ya.  that is my friend.  he is very fun to chew up and fling around, but i accidentally bit him too hard this morning.  hes had a grudge on me ever since.  mommy doesnt understand why im not touching him though.  look at him!!  i mean, those evil, black, beady, button eyes!!  *shudders* reminds me of coraline!!


Happy Cloud Moments said...

cute~! Love your background too~!

Pedro said...


Thanks for coming to see me! I love your blog - it's so nice and colorful and creative! You were born in West Virginia? My human sister is going to college in West Virginia!


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

You sure look cute working there, Tobi! love your blog colors...=) Hope you have a great week!


P/S: I added you to my buddies' list if you don't mind *wink*

Princess & Jazmine said...

Hi Tobi,
Thanks for the comment. You are soo adorable! Muwah xoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tobi,

You are so tiny and cute! Such beautiful fur, so dark and long too.

I wanted to thank you so much for comming to see my blog and then to have signed up to be a follower.

I sure hope that we can become friends.

Until later wiggles and nisses (nose kisses), Luv Tessa

Princess and Jazmine said...

Hi Tobi, thanks so much for the JUICY picture. We absolutely love it!! muwah xoxoxo!

Sushi said...

Tobi, you are cute! Does anyone complains that they can't see your eyes and can't take a nice picture of you? I got that comment everytime.. urghhhh!!

Nice to meet you!