im BACK!!

hey everyone!!

im back from boarding!  mommy picked me up yesterday (monday 2/22) before my afternoon snackies (a doggie cookie i get every afternoon) and i was SOO excited!!  i got in the car (i sit in the front seat) looked back, and my sisters wernt there!!  i cried the whole way home.  when we got home i cuddled my mommy.  i was so happy!!  i was wonderin where the rest of my family went.  at 3:00 the rest of the family was back!!  they cuddled me and izzy read my report. 

click it for an enlarged version.  i had tons of fun.  i got my meds for the lump in my back with cranbberries.  twice a day.  

today after we went to petsmart to pick up my blue diego blankie that i left.  i bought some chewie bones and met this guy named Youseff who recognized me right away.  he showed us pictures of his dog, Nicole, who looks EXACTLY like me just bigger!!!  also, he said he has a friend who looks EXACTLY like mommy!  now were friends with him!! =)  after we got home, i went peepee and the house was quiet, too quiet for izzy, for about half an hour.  izzy got scared and yelled my name.  no answer.........  she saw the door was open just a crack.  but big enough of a crack for me to slip out!  izzy n mommy ran outside carrying chicken treats, but there i was.  jumping around looking like i was trying to catch butter flies.  right in our driveway jumping and rolling like a "free range" chicken!!  oooo... i love chicken!!  izzy's friend claire was walking her 7 year old toy poodle, markie when she spotted me too.  she thought i was a kitty >:(!!  everyone thinks im a kitty!  im am not!  i will take away your chewie bones if u call me a kitty!!  im watchin u!!


anyone know why the tops of my post say "undefined undefined" ?


Bae Bae said...

Yipeee. I'm glad you're back.
And you dont look like a kitty. You're a cute puppy.

~ Bae